Pony Fun Days/Pony Mornings Summer 2016


Pony Fun Days:

Bring your own packed lunch and stay all day 10:00-4:00 at the stables with your friends and your favorite ponies. Two group lessons entail a little ride out as well as gymkhana games. Some stable management as well. Come and not only ride but learn about your ponies! £40 per child


  • 8th Aug Mon
  • 18th Aug Thurs
  • 23rd Aug Tues
  • 25th Aug Thurs
  • 30th Aug Tues
  • 1st Sept Thurs


Pony Mornings: Aimed for younger children on lead reins. Moms and dads may be asked to lead. Some grooming, a group lesson and a little walk out. 10:30-11:30 £20 per child.

  • 12th Aug Fri
  • 17th Aug Wed
  • 26th Aug Fri
  • 2nd Sept Fri

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